Dr Clarke will always do his utmost to help you restore and maintain your general medical condition and your cardiovascular system in particular.   In doing so, he will expect your full co-operation.  This will enable him to ensure that his time and resources are most effectively used, for the benefit of all.

Dr Clarke is committed to providing a quality, professional and friendly service, to meet your needs, but he asks for for your recognition and acceptance of the following:

  • Attending appointments - Dr Clarke is careful to and expects that you will attend agreed appointments.  He recognises patients are also busy people, but, nevetheless, he asks that you give 24 HR notice if you need to reschedule, so that the consulting opportunity may be given to someone else in need

  • Clinical examination - this is always performed with the patient's dignity being assured and a chaperone is always available when requested.

  • Duration of appointments - Dr Clarke will provide a detailed consultation and an explanation to all reasonable questions. Sufficient time is generally available for this (40 min new consultation and 30 min follow-up consultation).  However, on occasions individuals may have more complex needs than anticipated, or patients may wish to have detailed discussion, which can require more than the time available.  Additional appointments can always be made. Consideration of other patients' needs is also important and understanding is appreciated.

  • Correspondence - The patient normally receives a copy of all correspondence within 3 to 4 days of the appointment. The letter is split into sections including - diagnoses, medication, plan, history and discussion.   The plan section will include any  medication changes, next appointment and arrangements for any necessary procedures.

  • Payment of fees - Insured patients will be notified by their insurer if their is any excess or if the assessment is not covered by their policy.  In this situation prompt payment is expected.  Self-funded patients are expected to pay within two weeks, by cheque or BACS.

Dr Clarke looks forward to hearing from you!

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