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Heart of Cardiology is delivered by Dr Nigel R A Clarke, who is dual accredited in cardiology and general medicine. A senior consultant with 22 years experience in cardiology, of which 15 years is at consultant level with independent provider status.

His practice is driven by a passion for quality, detail and patient care.  Dr Clarke has developed close professional relationships with specialists in the West Midlands and where necessary nationally.

When a patient presents with a clinical scenario the crux is to define exactly what is going on, so specific care can be targeted most effectively – hence Heart of Cardiology.  Dr Clarke has special interests in heart failure, rhythm disturbance, standard and complex pacing and echocardiography. As a general cardiologist he manages most areas of cardiology on a day to day basis.

Foremost a general cardiologist with dual accreditation and many years experience in general and specialized centres – Dr Clarke has the knowledge and experience that enables him to quickly get to the heart of the problem. Most heart diseases and symptoms are managed by medication, of which some will benefit from more specialized input.


Cardiology has several areas of sub-specialization including: 

  • Heart failure and cardiac device implants for heart failure and those at risk of collapse / sudden death.
  • Rhythm disturbances, some of which benefit from ablation procedures – electrophysiology
  • Coronary disease requiring mechanical techniques to improve blood flow (revasularisation)
  • Imaging techniques to guide assessment of these conditions, including echocardiography, CT coronary angiograms, cardiac MRI scans and nuclear scans
  • Grown up congenital heart disease – GUCH

Proper treatment of your condition can add years and decades with a good quality of life.

We have prepared this site to enable you to understand what we can do for you.  Use the ‘drop down’ menu, by clicking on Our Practice above, to get access to more details.  Among a range of details, you will be able to peruse typical case histories and feedback from satisfied customers.

Dr Clarke looks forward to helping you!

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