In-patient facilities

Day-case treatment is available at Warwick hospital (depending upon insurer), the Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital (WNH) and the Meriden BMI hospital, University Hospitals Coventry site.

meriden access      warksnuffield access       walsgrave 
              Meriden                Warwickshire                  Walsgrave

 Normally coronary angiograms, standard pacemakers, complex pacemakers (defibrillators and cardiac resynchronisation therapy devices) and cardioversions (a brief electric shock across the chest under general anaesthetic to return rhythm disturbances to regular sinus rhythm) and implantable loop recorders are performed as a day-case. All of these are undertaken at Meriden BMI regardless of insurer and can also be performed at Warwick, depending upon the individual's insurer.

Cardioversions and implantable loop recorders are also performed at the WNH.

Inpatient beds are available at The Warwickshire Nuffield and Meriden BMI mainly for treatment of heart failure although  Dr Clarke generally manages heart failure closely as an outpatient.

Dr Clarke can undertake inpatient treatment at the Warwickshire Nuffield and the Meriden BMI hospital Walsgrave, Coventry. However, inpatient treatment is usually unnecessary.  For example, patients with heart failure and associated fluid overload of 10 - 15 kilograms can generally be managed with weekly outpatient visits, or more frequently, with individualsied treatment plans.