What is cardiology?

Your Heart pumps blood, carrying oxygen and nutrients around your circulation system (veins and arteries). This allows communication between all of your vital body organs and is central to your life and a healthy existence. Cardiology is the science of understanding how the system works and how to interact with it for your benefit.

Cardiology is the medical area in which a Consultant Cardiologist specializes.  Clinical cardiology is the diagnosis, care and management of patients with heart and circulation problems – cardiovascular diseases.

A cardiologist is a medical doctor (Dr), who uses investigations and clinical skills to diagnose the problem and then uses medication and keyhole surgery to provide treatment. If required, the patient will be referred to a cardiac surgeon.

 A heart or cardiac surgeon (Mr) provides more extensive surgery, under general anaesthetic, to improve blood flow to the heart (bypass surgery), correct valve disease by repair or replacement, repair aortic aneurysms, and correct congenital problems – present at birth, but which may manifest themselves in later life.

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