Self-care of your cardiovascular system

There is a range of behavioural and lifestyle factors that can considerably increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the resulting shortening of life expectancy.  

The good news is that you can manage and even reduce every one of these risk factors by ensuring an appropriate lifestyle.

This page provides links to relevant information, advice and guidance that will help you avoid or mitigate these risk factors and, through sound self-care and management, considerably improve your life expectancy.  

Level of risk for a given lifestyle is, to an extent, dependent upon genetic make-up, but, regardless of this, good self-care will always increase expectation.

Prevention is always better than cure!   Click on GET HEALTH  for a general assessment of the risks.   Then use the links below to learn more and to consider your current lifestyle, in the light of what you have read.



Smoking and disease

Smoking and diabetes

Smoking and dementia                           

Smoking statistics

Stopping smoking




ALCOHOL          Can alcohol harm your heart?

DIET               Healthy eating     Dieting myths              

                                   Fats explained    

                                   Salt       Sugar

STRESS             Manage stress to reduce the risk of CHD

ACTIVITY          Regular activity can reduce the risk of CHD


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