Initial development and further traning

Dr Clarke's early education was at the University of  Oxford and the clinical medical school based at the John Radcliffe
Hospital in Oxford.

St Catherine's College, Oxford

Having gained his MRCP in 1992 (membership by examination, of the Royal College of Physicians, London), he entered higher specialist training in general medicine and cardiology. Time was equally shared between district and specialist hospitals, providing him with a thorough insight of and experience in medicine as a whole.

Following further development with The London Chest Hospital and Harefield – both specialist cardiac facilities - he returned, in 1995, to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, to complete his cardiology training and development. In 2001 he was appointed at Warwick as a consultant cardiologist and general

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Dr Clarke's main areas of clinical interest are treatment of heart failure, atrial fibrillation, rhythm disturbances and cardiac pacemakers.  In 2009 he trained at University Hospitals Coventry in cardiac devices and was accredited in 2012. These devices are complex pacemakers which can reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death and/or improve the pumping power of failing hearts,  thus improving energy, exercise capacity and quality of life.

In June 2012 he established and developed the cardiac device service at Warwick

Echocardiography is another of his areas of interest.   Its key benefit is that it can rapidly provide very useful bedside information on heart function. Dr Clarke was originally accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography in 2002 and he has been reaccredited on several occasions since.