Testimonial - Michael Felmingham

Mr Felmingham writes:

In the summer of 2003 my wife and I were cruising on the Danube and on our final day to Vienna I became aware of strange nocturnal symptoms that I had not met with before - an urgent and persistent need to swallow. Fortunately the crew moved very quickly to get me a doctor who diagnosed incipient heart trouble and advised seeing a doctor on my return, which I did.  I was introduced to Dr Nigel Clarke at Warwick Hospital, he being the senior cardiologist. 

It became clear that the trouble was that my aortic valve had started to leak severely and needed prompt replacement. An operation was duly arranged.

I am for ever grateful to Dr Clarke for the alacrity and calm in which he handled the whole life-saving business. I rely upon the fact that here I am, thirteen years later, having had no trouble, indeed having almost forgotten all about it.

The years whiz by and now I find myself in my eighties, still feeling very well indeed, but few can avoid the depredations of old age, as Bette Davis observed 'Old age ain't no place for sissies'.

Last year a check up revealed the need for a specialised pacemaker or cardiac device and so Dr Clarke was called upon again and fitted a biventricular defibrillator (CRT-D). This was also fitted with the same sense of calm certainty and has again been a total success. Living as I do in Leamington Spa, close to both hospitals where Dr Clarke operates I feel I have drawn the long straw in life to have been in such capable hands.

His kindness, thoughtfulness and quiet friendship were VERY important factors in providing confidence to a normally rather apprehensive patient.

Thanks to you, Nigel, I still live my life as of old, travelling about and painting ceaselessly.'

Michael Felmingham, Fine Art Painter